Local Sponsorship

As per the UAE laws, any foreign company wishing to operate in the mainland UAE must have a local sponsor or partner who holds a 51% share in the company. At FinApt, we offer expert consultancy services for Local Sponsorship in the UAE. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped to assist clients in finding a suitable local sponsor and managing the sponsorship process.

Our Capabilities

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the UAE laws and regulations related to local sponsorship. We provide customized solutions to our clients based on their unique business requirements. Our experts are equipped to handle all aspects of the sponsorship process from start to finish, ensuring that our clients are in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Customer-Centric Benefits

A local sponsor in a UAE mainland business setup plays a critical role as a UAE national partner who holds a 51% share in the company. They provide the required legal and regulatory support for your business, enabling you to operate in the mainland.

At FinApt, we leverage our extensive network to connect you with a reliable local sponsor who aligns with your business goals. Our selection process ensures that your local sponsor is a good fit for your specific industry and requirements.

Our Local Sponsorship services offer several benefits, including access to a network of trustworthy sponsors, guidance throughout the sponsorship process, competitive pricing, and full compliance with UAE laws and regulations. This allows you to focus on your business while we handle the legal aspects.

The Way We Work